How to Find Us

Coming From Edinburgh: Drive in to North Berwick and turn left at the first set of traffic lights. Take the first right turn in to Fidra Road. Drive to the bottom of the hill and then directly across the 5 direction junction at the bottom. Winterfield Lodge is then the first house on the right through the solid wooden gates. (In fact it is the only house with an entrance on the small extra spur of Fidra Road)

Coming from Dunbar: Follow the sign to Edinburgh and the railway station which is a left turn at the Rugby Ground before you get in the shopping area of the town. Follow the road along a staight, through traffic lights and round some bends until you reach the traffic lights past the station. Go straight across the lights into York Road and follow the road curving first left and then right as you go down a hill. At the bottom of the hill turn right at a 5 direction junction and Winterfield Lodge is directly on your right.